Saffron Coffee in the News

What Are the Challenges Facing Lao Hill-Tribe Coffee Farmers?

Published in Perfect Daily Grind on November 1, 2016

Mr Kham Moune is a hill-tribe coffee farmer living in a small village in Xieng Nguen, Luang Prabang Province, Laos. Married with five children, he has 1,500 coffee trees. His trees are both shade grown and organic. In a neighbouring village, Mrs Nut has just under 1,000 trees, also shade grown and organic. She’s married with one child.

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Shade Grown & Wet Processed: Laos’ Developing Specialty Industry

Published in Perfect Daily Grind on October 18, 2016

If you’ve ever had specialty coffee from Laos, you’re one of few. Yet there’s a growing level specialty production in this Southeast Asian country. Let me take you through how the coffee industry here is changing – and why you might want to try Lao specialty coffee, next time you have the chance.

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Fair Food Forager: Fair Trade Coffee of Laos

Published in Fair Food Forager on September 19, 2016

The storm hits in northern Laos, its going to be torrential for 20 minutes or so. As I walk with the 300m wide and fast moving Mekong river just to my right, I look out for a somewhere to sit and escape the rain for a while. What I really want right now is a coffee, and to sit with my laptop, catch up on a few things and maybe write something for FFF. To the left, a cafe, the staff are opening up, timber furniture, modern decore, drip coffee equipment, this is different. I'd better check it out.

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Aussie Helps Laos Hill Tribes Grow Coffee

Published in SBS on July 26, 2016

A former Australian teacher managing a coffee company and cafe in central Laos sees the scheme as key to alleviating poverty among hill tribes.

Derek Smith, 37, and his wife Pip, 34, from Brisbane, oversee the Saffron Coffee Company in Laos' historic town of Luang Prabang.

Saffron Coffee was set up by American David Dale and his Lao wife a decade ago.

They work with 780 hill tribe families who grow Arabica beans. Saffron Coffee buys the cherry beans from the farmers and then processes it into fresh roasted coffee.

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Laos Highland Coffee Farmers Ride Tourism Wave

Published in VOA on July 12, 2016

Coffee grower Boua Thong, 47, has been growing Arabica beans for almost a decade in the mountains of Laos' Luang Prabang province.

He made the move from rice farming, he said, as the government prohibited "slash and burn" techniques they say are harmful to forested areas. Thong said his 800 coffee plants on his half-a-hectare hillside plot, bring in more money than rice and offer a longer term crop that can produce for decades.

"I only have a small piece of land, but I have the best spot," he said. "Other people have more land, but when they harvest they don't get as many beans," he added, gesturing toward a noisy pig pen — the source of fertilizer for his rich soil.

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