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After many years of providing great coffee to great customers, Saffron Coffee (USA) will be closing its online store.

There is a limited amount of coffee available in the warehouse, but when that's gone the store will close.

Thank You all for your support of Saffron Coffee through the years!

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Saffron Prime Coffees

Saffron Prime Coffee is our original "Saffron Coffee" - a high grade Grade A bean, full flavored coffee with strong hintds of sweetness and chocolate, especially when roasted medium dark. It is available in medium light and medium dark roast.

Saffron Premium Coffees

Saffron Premium Coffee is made from larger, Grade AA beans with similar hints of sweetness and dark chocolate as our Grade A beans. The larger beans found in Saffron Premium Coffee have been on the coffee tree longer than the small beans and so have had more time to mature and ripen, bringing out the natural flavors. Saffron Premium coffee is available in Medium Dark and Fresh Roast.

Saffron Peaberry Coffees

Saffron Peaberry coffee beans are hand separated after the green coffee benas have been processed. Normally the coffee "cherry" contains two seeds or "beans" that develop with flattened sides, but sometimes only one of the seeds is fertilized and teh result is a single oval or "pea-shaped" seed. These beans roast more evenly and the result is very consistent, high-quailty flavor extraction during the roasting process. Saffron Peaberry Coffee is availble in Medium Dark Roast.

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