gf - gluten free      v - vegetarian


Gingerbread Pancakes | v | - 40

A stack of Saffron Coffee gingerbread-spiced pancakes with banana, vanilla ice-cream, and chocolate-maple syrup.

Mango Coconut French Toast | v | - 40

French toast made with coconut milk on rye oat bread, a mango lime puree, and coconut chips.

Breakfast Wrap | v | - 37

A flour tortilla with fried egg, potato hash, spinach, cheddar cheese, and chili tomato salsa.

Big Breakfast - 51

Two eggs, bacon, rye oat toast, potato hash, tomato, and shaved parmesan. Served with homemade coffee jam.

Bacon and Egg Bagel - 33

Toasted bagel with bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, and tomato chutney.

Granola | gf | v | - 35

Baked granola with buffalo yoghurt, milk, and seasonal fruits.

Eggs and Toast- 26

Rye Toast with 2 eggs prepared to your preference

Butter Croissant - 11

Warm butter croissant a perfect light breakfast with your morning coffee

Chocolate Croissant - 35

Fluffy layers of pastry with a chocolate heart

Plain Pancakes - 25

Simple stack of pancakes served with banana and chocolate sauce or honey


Add French fries or salad and can of soda to wrap or panini for 8000 kip

Chicken Pesto Panini - 46

Toasted baguette with grilled chicken breast, buffalo mozzarella cheese, tomato, and pesto.

Pulled Pork Panini - 46

Toasted baguette with slow-cooked Saffron Coffee barbeque pork and apple-slaw.

Meatball Panini - 46

Toasted baguette with beef meatballs cooked in marinara sauce, pickled onions, and buffalo mozzarella cheese.

Falafel Wrap | v | - 44

A flour tortilla with crunchy falafels, pickled cabbage, cucumber, harissa, and a creamy tahini dressing.

Lao Peanut Chicken Wrap - 44

A flour tortilla with grilled chicken breast in a peanut sauce, with cucumber, tomato, watercress, and herbs.

French fries | gf | v | - 24

Hand-cut fries with garlic aioli.


Check the display cabinet for a wide range of fresh, homemade baked goods. Gluten free options available.



Cold Brew 25

We've slowly and gently brewed this Saffron Coffee just for you. Steeped for 12 hours in cold water, you will notice more sweetness than many other brew methods

Cascara Kombucha 30

By combining the antioxidants of our very own cascara (coffee cherry tea) and the probiotics of kombucha (fermented tea), we have created this unique health drink powerhouse!

Cascara Ginger Tea 18

In this drink we complement our local, organically-produced cascara with ginger root. That means two of nature's top antioxidant foods in one cup!


small | regular

Espresso 13 | 19

Ristretto 13 | 19

Macchiato 15 | 21

Piccolo 20 | 25

Flat White 22 | 28

Latte 22 | 28

Cappuccino 22 | 28

Americano 19 | 24

Mocha 25 | 31

Lao Latte 25 | 31

Affogato 25

Hot Chocolate 22 | 28

Pot of Tea 17

Saffron Cascara (coffee cherry)
Black / Green / Ginger


Siphon - 40

An immersion method that uses vacuum pressure to produce a light body and a wealth of bright and sweet flavors.

Hario V60 - 40

Pour-over method producing a light body that features the delicate nuances of the coffee.

Aeropress - 25

A method using manual pressure; the result being a flavorful coffee beverage with a light body and low acidity and bitterness.

French Press - 30

An immersion method that creates a silky body and rich flavor.

Cold Drip - 30

Cold water dripped through coffee grinds. This drink is made drop by drop for 5-7 hours. The result is a bright coffee with low acidity and a lot of sweetness.


Iced Lao Latte 31

Iced latte 28

Iced Americano 24

Iced Mocha 31

Iced Chocolate 28

Shake 32

Espresso / Chocolate / Caramel

Smoothie 25

Banana / Mango

Crush 21

Pine lime / Watermelon ginger

Breakfast Juice 20